2023 NAHRA Invitational

June 21-24, 2023

Cranesville, PA

Welcome Message from the Test Chairman

Welcome! NAHRA was created 40 years ago by a group of dog people that wanted to provide hunting-orientated tests to the average hunter. The first tests weren’t a stroll in the park, and they aren’t now, but they always strive to keep hunting in the forefront for all our tests, and 2023
will be no different.

Unlike previous Invitationals, we will be using a large farm in Cranesville, PA that has never been used for a test. It’s six water sites will be new to all of us, and I thing that will add a little something for our handlers, especially those from the East Region, many of whom are used to having run the Invitational test sites in advance. Cranesville is about 12 hours from Des Moines and 13 from Minneapolis, so reasonable drive times for our Central Region friends. We will do our best to finish things as early as possible on Saturday to give folks a chance to get back home in time to work Monday if that is an issue.

We’ll have more information shortly, but just to start, the Invitational will begin with our opening dinner on Wednesday, June 21st . Tests will be Thursday – Saturday with the final dinner and Ribbon ceremony Saturday after the end of testing.

Entries will open April 1st and will close May 24th . Dogs will have until June 11th to qualify but must still enter by the 24th. If you don’t qualify in time we will return your entry fee(s), which are $250 per dog. We know that some handlers would like to wait as long as possible before making their payments and we certainly understand that; you may not know about your job situation, your child’s situation or other issues that might ultimateley keep you from running the test. To make things easier for both handlers and our staff you can hold off payments until May 24th . That said, it is important that you get you entries in as soon as possible so we can get things ready for everyone.

Jim Bennett